AADCO Protective X-ray Barriers & Shields, Lighting Solutions, Protective Lead Aprons & Glasses

AFP Imaging Mini-Medical 90 Tabletop Film Processor

All Pro Imaging

Broadwest Rolloscope Motorized Film Viewers, MammoMask Film Illuminators, Magnifiers and Viewing Devices.

Carestream Digital Radiography (DR) and Computed Radiography (CR) Systems, DryView Hardcopy Printers, Film Imaging and Processing Systems, Chemistry. (Formerly Eastman Kodak Company)

Contour Fabricators, Inc. Foam Positioning Devices, Wedges, Blocks, Extremity Positioners, Table Pads and Equipment Covers.

Codonics Horizon Multi-Media Dry Imager for Dry Film, Color or Grayscale Paper


InFab Corporation Lead Protective Aprons, Vest & Skirt Combinations, Apron Racks, Thyroid Collars, Patient Transport Boards, Protective Gloves & Eyeglasses, Table Pads and other imaging accessories

Save Time Systems File folders, Medical Record Patient Charts, Radiology Products, X-Ray Jackets, Pressboard Classification Folders & Self-Adhesive Labels

Konica Minolta Computed Radiography (CR) Systems, DryPro Dry Laser Imagers, PACS Solutions, Conventional X-ray Films and Film Processors.

Maxant Technologies, Inc. Techline Film Illuminators, MediPort PACS Workstation

Parker Labs Ultrasound gels, gel warmers

Regina Imaging X-ray and CR grids, cassettes and cassette repairs, ID cameras

S&S X-RAY Products Motorized Film Viewers, File Shelving, Film Illuminators, Darkroom Accessories.

Supertech QC equipment, MRI supplies and furniture, personal protection.

Techno-Aide Lead X-ray Markers, Ergonomic Radiology and Workstation Furniture, Carts, Film Storage Shelving, Lead Protective Aprons and Eyeglasses, Conventional Darkroom and Imaging Department Accessories.

Viztek Orex Computed Radiography (CR) Acquire Workstation and Software

White Mountain Imaging Developing Chemistry, QC Supplies