AADCOProtective X-ray Barriers & Shields, Lighting Solutions, Protective Lead Aprons & Glasses

CarestreamDigital Radiography (DR) and Computed Radiography (CR) Systems, DryView Hardcopy Printers, Film Imaging and Processing Systems, Chemistry.

InFab CorporationLead Protective Aprons, Vest & Skirt Combinations, Apron Racks, Thyroid Collars, Patient Transport Boards, Protective Gloves & Eyeglasses, Table Pads and other imaging accessories

Radmedix LogoX-ray and CR grids,
cassettes and cassette repairs,
ID cameras

Summit Industries LogoDiagnostic
Equipment Manufacturer

Lead X-ray Markers, Ergonomic Radiology and Workstation Furniture, Carts, Film Storage Shelving, Lead Protective Aprons and Eyeglasses, Conventional Darkroom and Imaging Department Accessories.

Televere SystemsCR and Flat panel technology, X-ray tables and generators, orthobase systems, custom brackets and accessories, computers and on-site installation and training, with award winning TigerView Software.

White Mountain ImagingDeveloping Chemistry,
QC Supplies

X-Cel X-Ray Corporation LogoSells a complete line of high-frequency and adjustable kVp (peak kilovoltage) x-ray units for podiatrists, orthopaedics,
and industrial use.